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  1. Lid: Colour and format

  2. Bottle: Colour and format

  3. Label: Materials: Paper or o.p.p Finishing: Matt; glossy; hot stamped; relief; varnish; etc. Printing: On the label or directly on the container

Safety and quality - Mandatory labelling information

  1. 1

    Batch number

  2. 2

    List of ingredients: All our formulae have been validated

  3. 3

    Origin: Place of manufacture of the contents ("Product of France") or packaging ("Made in France")

  4. 4

    Recycling symbol: Possible recycling of packaging materials

  5. 5

    PAO: Period-after-opening. Recommended number of months for product consumption following opening, according to EU guidelines.

  6. 6

    Liability: The GM Group is legally responsible for all its cosmetic products.

  7. 7

    Contents: Mandatory information (expressed in g., ml, fl. oz., oz.).