Quality and trust

We are established in Portugal since 2006, when we launched our operations. Nowadays we operate in Portugal, Spain and in African Countries of Portuguese Official Language. Our focus is on trademark and customised cosmetics. Each product in our range is supplemented by accessories and equipment, in order to ensure a tailor-made service.

Values and philosophy

We encourage a proactive approach and reward dedication. At Groupe GM we promote a collaborative working environment in which every employee is a member of a team in which everyone is encouraged to participate in decision-making. We believe in frankness, clarity and team work. At Groupe GM we recognise the value of each team member as a key element of the alchemy making up our identity. Every employee is fundamental to our company, helping us move forward and spread our scents and character to thousands of people in Portugal, Spain and increasingly further afield on a daily basis.


We combine our top-quality products with the characteristics of your trademark, providing you with tailor-made, unique products.

A versatile, multi disciplinary team

Our team operates across Portugal and Spain, offering premium, responsible, certified services on a daily basis.

Product quality and safety. Fast and courteous service. Exclusive commitment.

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